A positive path for spiritual living

Next Steps

We want to support you as you begin to get involved and get to know others at Unity Church of Overland Park. Here are some great next steps:

  1. Join us on Sunday - be part of our inspiring and transformational Sunday celebration services.
  2. Bring your children on Sunday to join other children learning how to pray, meditate and live a positive and fulfilling life at an early age.
  3. Connect with a group of like-minded people with common interests.
  4. Subscribe to e-News and stay connected to Unity Church of Overland Park's events and happenings.
  5. Take a class or workshop - explore Unity teachings, universal Truth principles and your own beliefs.
  6. Volunteer and step into service in our spiritual community and local community - truly make a difference for others and our world.
  7. Become a member of Unity Church of Overland Park - affirm your commitment to living universal Truth principles and setting a positive example for others and our world!