ShopWithScrip is Now RaiseRight LogoIt’s easy to shop with RaiseRight!

You shop like normal — while you fundraise for UCOP!

Whether you buy cards at church, or shop from the app, you can get access to 750+ national and regional brands, with new additions all the time. Choose from e-gift cards, physical gift cards, and reloadable options.

This is an easy way for you to help raise funds for the church — with a convenient mobile app.

1. Shop for every day with the RaiseRight App

How can you shop every day with RaiseRight?

  1. Download the RaiseRight App from your App Store.
  2. Send an email to Rev. Eileen to request the UCOP RaiseRight code.
  3. Set up your account and  securely connect to your bank account for payments.
  4. Purchase e-gift cards and pay directly at the store or online.

Check out a full list of participating vendors here.

2. Buy gift cards for any occasion

There are hundreds of diverse participating vendors to buy gift cards for every occasion: your personal use, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary gifts, school supplies, home renovation, travel, and more.

If you prefer not to use the app, there are two easy ways to buy:

  • In-Person. Stop by the RaiseRight Fundraising table in the Plexpod Café following the service to place and pay for your order.
  • Online. You can send us your order electronically.

Raise Right UCOP–> How do I order Gift Cards online?

  1. Decide what cards you want to purchase.
  2. Go Choose ‘RaiseRight Gift Cards’ in the dropdown
  3. Make your payment for the cards you wish to purchase.
  4. In the ‘Comments’ section of the form:
    • Name the cards you want
    • Each dollar amount increment
    • How many of each you wish to purchase
    • If you prefer e-cards or physical gift cards.
  5. Deadline for weekly orders  is NOON on Sundays. 


  • E-cards go to your email immediately after the order is processed.
  • Physical gift cards can be picked up at the church office. Please call the church office to be sure the cards have arrived as scheduled.
  • Order early. Delivery is occasionally delayed or changed due to holidays.

Great ways to support UCOP through RaiseRight: 

  • Scout for Bonus Brands every week for  the best deal!
  • Start your holiday shopping now
  • Stock up for birthday gifts and grandkid gifts
  • Stash a handful of Target, Panera, or Starbucks gift cards as teacher gifts
  • Purchase as donations to your favorite charity.
  • Buy in bulk and re-spend at your favorite grocery store, or Target!
  • Keep for that something special in your thank you cards.
Thanks in advance for supporting UCOP with this terrific fundraiser.
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