We are overjoyed to welcome Teri Wilder back for our (virtual) Thanksgiving Eve communion service! Revs. Jacquie and Keri, along with UCOP prayer chaplains, staff, and volunteers have created this sacred service along with music and a special gong meditation by Teri Wilder! We are in for a real holiday treat!
How to participate: Create a sacred space in your home where you can watch the 7pm service with comfort, candles, incense, perhaps a prayer shawl, or any element that sets a sacred tone in your space for you and your loved ones. Prepare the sacraments of “bread and wine” – using whatever you might have handy: crackers, gluten free bread, tortillas, or your favorite roll along with water, juice, kombucha, or wine. Whatever feels nourishing and supportive to your experience of communion at home will be perfect! We look forward to spending Thanksgiving Eve together, celebrating the gift of communion as a spiritual community. In Unity, all are welcome to participate in this sacrament. Watch on UCOP Facebook page or Youtube channel.
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