Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and healing with Shamanic Breathwork™ with Laura Wolf. This powerful modality combines the ancient practices of circular breathing and chakra-attuned music to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness, allowing you to access the wisdom of your soul, spirit guides, and the universe. During this journey, you’ll have the opportunity to release blocks and stuck energy, activate your creative potential, and transform limiting beliefs and past wounds. You’ll also connect with the infinite expanse of the universe, remembering who you truly are and your unique gifts and purpose. By embracing the power of Shamanic Breathwork™, you’ll emerge from this experience with a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, equipped with the tools and insights to live a more authentic, empowered life.

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024

Time: 12nn – 4pm

Investment for Workshop:

  • Early Bird: $150 per person or $250 for two people
  • After July 7th: $175 per person or $300 for two people

IMPORTANT things to bring for your comfort:

  • A yoga mat or padding to lie down on, blankets, pillow, eye covering, and any other props for your comfort*
  • An eye mask or blind fold
  • A water bottle with a closed lid
  • Your journal and pen
  • A snack for after the Breathwork Journey if you think you may get hungry**

*You will be lying on the floor for about 75 minutes. Otherwise we will be seated on chairs.

**It is fine to eat breakfast if you get up early. We recommend that you fast after 10 am so that you don’t have much in your belly during the Breathwork Journey.

We request that you refrain from using any plant medicine, alcohol, or other psycho-active substances for this ceremony.

Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, it is not recommended for those with certain types of cardio-vascular problems, epilepsy, recent surgery, pregnancy, or psychosomatic or emotional problems. Please email Laura Wolf prior to registration if you have any health conditions that may be of concern for your participation.

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Laura Wolf

Laura Wolf

Facilitator Bio:
Laura Wolf is a shamanic soul guide walking the path of surrender. Her purpose is to help you come home to your glorious body, let go of everything you think is in your way, live in total trust of the Universe, and stop doing stuff that is not in alignment of who you really are. Founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Breathwork Facilitator, and creator of the Wild Woman Experience, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, move beyond limiting beliefs, become powerfully present in their bodies, and unconditionally love and accept themselves and others. She works with the body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit because all aspects of you are required if you want to create the life of your dreams.

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