Good Faith Network Nehemiah Assembly 2023 Johnson County

On Tuesday evening, May 7, the Good Faith Network held its 3rd annual Nehemiah Action. We want to thank everyone who attended, joining over 1,500 fellow advocates for justice, and speaking as the faith community with one united voice. We are also thrilled that Rev. Eileen was invited to ‘set the stage’ for the evening, which she did in a very heart-centering way.

Good Faith Network is currently working on three initiatives. The Nehemiah Action is where the network presents its proposals and requests for action to the relevant official(s), to gain clarity on their position and/or support of each.

The evening was one of celebrating breakthroughs achieved, reviewing progress on ongoing initiatives, and outlining next steps to take. We will continue this work for Mental Health Crisis Stabilization, Ending Homelessness, and creating Affordable Housing in Johnson County, on behalf of the most vulnerable in Johnson County.

Following is a synopsis of the three initiatives, the breakthroughs achieved, and next steps for the network:

Mental Health Crisis Care Initiative


  • A new crisis stabilization unit for voluntary patients will open in Johnson County this year! 12 beds for crisis stabilization and 14 beds for detox & observation.
  • Over 100 new state hospital beds coming to Wichita.

Next Steps:

  • Anticipating regulations being adopted to allow treatment of involuntary patients in local Crisis Intervention Centers; $22 million available from the state to assist local communities in opening the centers.
  • Good Faith Network will co-host a one-day summit with the Johnson Mental Health Center, meeting with all stakeholders to begin exploring opportunities for treating involuntary patients locally.

Ending Homelessness Initiative


– Two members representing the Johnson County Board of Commissioners agreed to support the Board Chair’s public commitment to end chronic homelessness in Johnson County by 2029.

– Commission representatives also agreed to work within the processes in place when interacting with county staff to task the staff to create a roadmap to achieve the above stated goal, to be published at a date to be determined as soon as possible.

Affordable Housing Initiative

Three questions were asked of the commissioners relative to Good Faith Network’s desire for the creation of a pilot Affordable Housing Fund, using $4 million that is currently available in the remaining balance of COVID relief money given to the county:

Q1 – Will you work to bring an action item for an Affordable Housing Fund to be voted on by the county commission no later than December 2024?

Q2 – Will you support earmarking $4 million from the Communitywide Support Fund (COVID dollars) for the Affordable Housing Fund?

Q3 – Would you support directing the Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee to draft recommendations, based on community and stakeholder input, for eligible uses and priorities for an Affordable Housing Fund for board consideration by no later than November 2024?

While one commissioner could not give his support to these issues, another was willing to do so if she could reconfirm that the money being requested was indeed available.

Next Steps:

Good Faith Network will attend the County Commissioners meeting on May 9 to continue the discussions, confirm the availability of the funds, and press for greater clarity and/or agreement on a timeline for these issues to be addressed by the full commission.

So much wonderful progress has been made over the last 12 months, and Rev. Jacquie was excited by a strong representation by UCOP congregants and staff at the Nehemiah event, saying, “This is such a powerful way that we demonstrate our mission statement right here in our county, united with local communities of faith. We create tremendous impact in our unity of intention and action. I feel so proud of our congregation, leaders, and the work we do with the Good Faith Network. And I deeply admire how Rev. Eileen has stepped forward to shine her light in this commitment- she is a radiant reflection of who we are as a spiritual community and lights the way for UCOP in this important, transformational work.”

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