Beyond the Vision Board – 5 Necessary Steps to Create What You Desire
The New Year often brings excitement, hope and a renewed commitment to focus on manifesting dreams. It’s the time of year when vision boards become all the rage. Some gurus say ‘create a vision board and it will come’. But is there more to it than that? Yes, there is!
(Spoiler alert! Vision boards are NOT necessary to create what you would love to have or experience in your life. They are powerful, but there are 5 steps you must take behind the scenes to make them to work.)
Join Rev. Jacquie and Life Coach Tamie Rising as we explore these steps together. We won’t be creating a vision board during this workshop. Instead bring pen and paper/journal and an open mind as we dive into the spiritual principles of manifestation. Some you’ve likely heard of – they are deceptively simple and easy to overlook. Others will be new and might even change how you look at the process of welcoming your dreams into reality.
Join us Saturday January 23rd from 10:00am to 12noon CST
Suggested love offering $25
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