Dear UCOP Community,
It has been awhile since we created a blog post for you, as we have all been settling in after our big move, and have started this wonderful Fall Faith series with Pam Grout’s E 3, helping us remember that we can live in Joy, and that Spirit is chomping at the bit to deliver our hearts desire.
So, here is a brief re-cap of what’s been going on recently, and a more in depth look at where we might be headed.  Thank you, in advance, for your on-going love and all you bring to the UCOP Community.
We completed our big move at the beginning of August, and it has been a wonderful process having most of our Sunday services at Cleveland Chiropractic College.  We have learned a lot about how to be a more mobile church, and have had to put that to the test twice as we moved our services to the Doubletree Hotel.  Our UCOP staff have settled into their new office space, and are learning to work in a smaller space in close quarters.  And, they have done a remarkable job!  We also recently hired Kelly Corbett as the Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator!  Welcome aboard, Kelly.  She brings incredible creativity, fun, and a wealth of Unity teachings to child-friendly lessons each week.
As we have been adjusting to the recent move, we have been working more closely with Rev. David Mosher as he gets to know the staff and this community at a deeper level.  He completes his time with the church in Springfield, Illinois at the end of October, at which point UCOP will have him full time!  Please extend a thanks to him when you are able for the way he has been able to balance 2 churches, part time, one of which he is leaving and one of which he is just getting to know.  Recently, he was guided to postpone the HOPCOF process, which had been scheduled for Oct. 27th.  This is a process which will still happen in the future, but he has been guided to bring a couple of added processes (Q Process and Appreciative Inquiry)  to our community first. Those processes will begin in January so that we can complete Fall Faith, and so that we can focus on our holiday season.  More information will be coming about the Q Process and about Appreciative Inquiry as plans become more solid.  We continue to get support from important Unity resources, such as Unity Worldwide Ministries and Rev. Gary Simmons, both of which offer important guidance, processing, and nurturing for our ministry staff.
And, last, we have some news about our time at Cleveland Chiropractic College.  The feedback has been profoundly strong that we love being in this space.  In mid-September the Board and Staff reached out to Cleveland Chiropractic College and asked if UCOP could extend our lease through all of 2019.  As a reminder, our current lease expires on Dec. 31st, 2018.  The folks at Cleveland took some time to consider their needs, our needs, and what might be possible in 2019.  They told us on Monday that they are unable to extend the lease beyond Dec. 31st.  They have enjoyed having us there, but they also have numerous events already scheduled there on weekends throughout 2019, and so that is not going to be a good fit for them moving forward.  The Board and Staff are hitting the ground running to seek our next Sunday Service location.  There will be opportunities for congregants who have energy, ideas and a desire to help to be part of a work group whose purpose will be to explore all options for us.  Reading this is likely causing some alarm, and possibly a pit in your stomach.  So, please, sit with that for a moment.  But, also, please know that the prayer energy here is being guided by the question:  What do we want?  And, we are all being guided to ask this question from a place of Joy and Enthusiasm, and with gratitude for all that is.
Please remember that this coming Sunday, October 14th we are hosting another Sharing Circle.  This will be a time for our congregation to meet for shared listening about all that is happening within our community.  The Board will present a financial update, and will discuss the possibilities for our next location beginning in 2019.  We encourage you all to participate.  We will begin at 11:20 AM in our Sanctuary space at Cleveland College, soon after the 10:00 service has ended.
In Love and Light,
Your Board of Directors
Rev. David Mosher – Senior Minister
Tiffany Crabtree – President
Mike Jensen – Vice President
Tom McNamara – Treasurer
Candice Wolken – Secretary
Joy Springfield
Cathy Combs
Pam Enlow
Cathy Fisher
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