In a “normal” year, this service is among our most popular here at Unity Church of Overland Park. But in a year where “unprecedented” has become it’s mantra, the burning bowl is a powerful and transformational ritual allowing us to release the events of 2020. Join us as we symbolically let go of old patterns of thinking and limiting beliefs making space energetically to embrace the infinite possibilities of a new year. Then we conclude the service during a time of meditation and contemplation as we complete our Letters to God. Join Rev. Jacquie and musical guest Amy Steinberg on Sunday January 3, 2021 at 10:00am CST. Dissolvable paper, stationery and stamped envelopes are all located in your Holiday Services gift bag. We invite you to have a small bowl of warm water nearby to dissolve your paper in or feel free burn your paper later when you can safely do so.

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