You are invited to a deeply transformational event: Firewalking

“The firewalk experience has been a profound, life-altering part of my healing journey.“

Firewalk Unity North Rev. Jacquie Fernandez firetender

This workshop will change your life.

In this unique and powerful spiritual evening workshop you will learn how to walk barefoot on hot coals safely – and have an opportunity to do exactly that – if you so choose!

When: Friday June 17, 5:45
Where: Unity of Kansas City North, 1000 NE Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO
Who: Rev. Dan Beckett – Workshop Facilitator  and Rev. Jacquie Fernandez – Fire tender

More About the Event

  • Nobody has to walk, but everyone can.
  • Whether you walk or witness someone walking, you will be forever changed.
  • Registration closes three days prior to the event.

About the Workshop Leader

Workshop leader Rev. Dan Beckett is an experienced, professionally trained and certified Firewalking Instructor. With Dan, you will learn everything you need to know to have a safe and profoundly unique experience of deep spiritual empowerment and personal transformation.

This Firewalk workshop is a sacred ceremony culminating in the opportunity for participants to walk the coals if they choose to. Each person will decide for themselves that night whether to walk or not. It is not required!

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