Hello, from the Board of Directors.

Many of you may already know, but for some you are just learning here – that there has been a big shift in leadership this past week, as the Board of Directors and Brandon came to some difficult, but also spiritually aligning decisions together.

Over the past several months a lot of energy, thought, and work has been done, collectively, to decipher if Reverend Brandon’s leadership is in the highest good for this Spiritual community, and also for himself and his family.  This past week, Reverend Brandon submitted his resignation as Senior Minister of UCOP.  Though the Board did request him to submit his resignation, he was very prepared for this step, and there was a flow of grace and Spirit helping us to realize that our request, and his need to step back helped create an alignment with Spirit which we have been co-creating for a long time now.

He has submitted a letter, which he has asked that we share with you all.

 Dear Unity Church of Overland Park Family,

This past Tuesday at a meeting with the officers of the Board of Directors, I was informed that it was the Board’s desire that I resign as senior minister of Unity Church of Overland Park. Upon hearing this news, I immediately accepted the Board’s decision and as a result I have resigned my position as senior minister of this community. This is effective immediately. After sharing this news with me, the Board officers and I had a very amicable and respectful discussion about what would be best for both myself and Unity Church of Overland Park. Just as we mutually agreed on my resignation, we also mutually agreed that now is the best time for me to step back.

As Unity Church of Overland Park moves through this transition in leadership and continues its work of finding its next physical home, I ask that you remember what we learned just this past Sunday on Easter morning. That is, when we remain grounded in our spiritual principles and stay true to the knowing that God is all good, we always rise up in a higher consciousness than we began. I know this is true for Unity Church of Overland Park just as it is true for us individually. My prayer for all of you continues to be that this community remains grounded in principle knowing firmly in faith that our highest good is coming.

Through all of this, I am appreciative of the opportunity I have had to be the senior minister of the very church community that I myself was raised in. Sara and I are grateful to the Board for the opportunities and experiences that we have had over these past few years and we are looking forward to the future knowing that the goodness of God will continue to prevail in our lives, just as it will in the evolution of this spiritual community. We will miss you all, but please know that we continue to hold you all in Divine Light knowing that your highest good is manifesting, just as ours is.

Until we meet again!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Brandon

As with many of the decisions and changes in this past year, I can only imagine all of the possible thoughts and feelings you may each be experiencing right now.  We want you all to know that this decision was made with a lot of thought, prayer, discussion, and every effort to come from seeing the Highest Good.  We also want you to know that Rev. Brandon is, genuinely, doing well.

The next steps are still unfolding.  We have consulted with Unity Worldwide Ministries, and they will be assisting us in a search for a Transitional Support minister, and with on-going prayer support to keep us shored up on this journey.  On Sunday, Cynthia Vermillion-Foster, Director of Member Services from UWM, met with the Staff and the Board after the 11:00 service to assist with our vision for proceeding forward. We have been told that it could be a few months, which is loosely defined, before we are able to hire a Transitional Support minister.  When we are ready, we will, of course, begin the process of seeking a new full time Senior Minister.

Reverend Keri will continue on as the Associate Minister here, though for a temporary time, her role will be expanded as we look for a transitional minister to act as Senior Minister here.  You will see more sermons being delivered by Reverend Keri, but her primary role as Associate Minister is not changing.  We are also beginning a process of inviting guest speakers to assist.

We are working together to continue to seek our next physical location, and you are all invited to our membership meeting next Sunday to vote on allowing the Board to act on the purchase of a new building for our community when appropriate.

We also understand that this congregation and spiritual community members may have a lot of feedback and many questions.  We will be scheduling another Listening Circle in the coming weeks, though this is not yet on the calendar.  Your feedback is important, especially as we continue to embrace transparency and honesty.

Lastly, we want you to know that we hold Reverend Brandon in love and light.  We have appreciated his commitment to this church, and the love he holds for this community and each person in it.  He and Sara are currently strongly considering attending the Community Sunday picnic scheduled on April 29th at SM Park.  They would like to take the opportunity to say good bye in person.  As we hear more about this possibility, we will keep everyone informed.

Thank you all for your love and patience and trust.


In love and light,

Your Board of Directors

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