Discover the magic of Bali on an extraordinary sacred tour with Rev. Jacquie Fernandez and members of Unity Church of Overland Park. This 11-day, 10-night journey offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Balinese spirituality and culture, while savoring the serene beauty of the Island of the Gods.

Embrace Balinese Spirituality

Bali is commonly known as the Island of the Gods due to the devout spiritual practices of its people. This sacred journey will take you to some of the island’s most spiritual and picturesque locations, including:

  • Sanur Beach: Begin your journey with the tranquil beauty of Sanur Beach, known for its peaceful sunrise views.
  • Candi Dasa Beach: Explore the serene coastline and witness the enchanting Ramayana Kecak performance against the backdrop of the ocean.
  • Ubud: Dive into Bali’s cultural heart, filled with art, dance, and vibrant spiritual energy.

Unique Spiritual Experiences

This pilgrimage offers more than just sightseeing. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Experience Sacred Temples: Feel the powerful energy of Bali’s sacred temples and participate in daily Balinese ceremonies.
  • Chant the Gayatri Mantra: Each morning, you’ll chant the Gayatri Mantra with complementary Bali Mala Beads, enhancing your spiritual connection.
  • Enjoy Nature’s Beauty: Take a sunrise walk through stunning rice fields, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of a blue lagoon, and more.

Exclusive Access

Thanks to Spirit Tours’ 20 years of experience in Bali, this sacred journey provides special access to sites and temples that few tourists can experience. Open your soul to the deep spirituality that prevails throughout the island. Join Rev. Jacquie for an in-depth experience that touches the heart of Bali and transforms your heart forever.

Join the Journey

For more details on how you can participate in this transformative experience, join our Zoom informational meeting on Monday, July 15th at 7pm CT.

Zoom ID: 961 1491 8324

Don’t miss this opportunity to join on a sacred pilgrimage that will leave you with lasting memories and a deep sense of inner peace. Join Rev. Jacquie and your fellow spiritual seekers on this unforgettable journey to the heart of Bali.

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