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We have some good news!  We approached Cleveland Chiropractic College about the possibility of extending meeting there into the 1st quarter of 2019 and they told us they were able to accommodate us through February!  Yay!  We see this a big win for all.  It allows us the opportunity to continue meeting where we are comfortable for two more months, and financially it helps also, as they have given us a very good deal!  And, it gives us a few more months to continue our searches.

Yesterday we met with some commercial real estate experts with specific experience in working with churches.  The advice they gave us was to address our needs in parallel efforts.

  • They will search for long-term (3-5 year leases/or purchase options) and bring those possibilities to us to evaluate
  • We will focus on finding acceptable space for our staff and our Sunday space needs
    • Sunday Space efforts will be specifically focused on the following potential areas:
      • Schools, both public and private in JOCO.  This includes Shawnee Mission Schools, Blue Valley, Olathe, possibly De Soto.
      • Colleges/Universities
      • Event Centers
      • Public or community owned event centers
      • Funeral homes (They have chapels, some very big)
    • Since our office lease at 8500 W. 110th expires in July and we do not feel we would like to extend here, we will need to find acceptable office space which will accommodate our large printer/copier for the remaining life of its lease.
      • Options here include Flex spaces (like the Grid) which offer per person rental options which seem to be more affordable than our current office.  We will spend some time investigating this early in 2019.

Here is a list of properties we have talked to, investigated and/or visited so far:

  • Holiday Inn
  • Doubletree Hotel
  • NOAH Event Space
  • The Grid
  • Kansa
  • Stone Church Building – 92nd & Wornall
  • Congregation Beth Torah
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Abdullah Shrine Temple
  • Hilltop Conference Center
  • City Church – 75th Neiman
  • Church Office for Lease – 75th & Conser
  • Brookwood School – 103rd & Mission
  • Blue Valley School District
  • Matt Ross Center
  • Heritage Center – 87th & Metcalf
  • Church – 75th & Belinder
  • Rassmusen College
  • The American University
  • Olathe Convention Center
  • Lenexa Conference Center
  • Lenexa Community Center
  • KU Best Conf Center
  • K-State Olathe
  • Mid American Nazarine University
  • VFW
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