A Message from Rev. Brandon Nagel
With the recent storm and flooding in Texas, our hearts and our minds are with all of those people who have been displaced and affected by this unprecedented storm.
In Unity, we know how powerful our thoughts and prayers are. While we are holding everyone in the area in prayer, we also remember our 5th Basic Unity Principle which calls us to live the truth that we know. In an effort to move beyond thoughts and prayers, many of you have asked how we can support those people and animals affected.
At this time, the best way for us to support the people displaced by Hurricane Harvey is through offering support to the professional organizations on the ground in Texas providing relief efforts. As the storm and the flood waters recede, ways for us to be of support to the greater community (including other Unity churches affected) will become clear, but for now please consider joining us in making a donation to one of the organizations listed here.
Supporting Overall Relief Efforts
Supporting Parents and Children
Supporting Animals
Donate Blood

We hold the light for everyone who has been working to help bring peace and safety to the people of Texas.

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