UCOP Leadership Council Nominations

Nominations for the UCOP Leadership Council are open.

Note: Applications are due to the church office by 5pm on Thursday, April 28th.

Do you wish to have the Nominating Committee consider you or another member for the Leadership Council?

Before you nominate a member, please make sure that person is willing to serve.

Then contact the Nominating Committee chairperson, Ellis Megee, and submit their name.

To learn more and to apply, download the Leadership Council Nomination Packet Now.
2022_leadership_council_application.pdf (373 downloads)

Did you Know?

The Leadership Council is the governing body of UCOP.

Its purpose is to make decisions that support and co-create love in action for this Ministry.

In the words of a former Council member: Being a member of UCOP council is at once exhilarating and humbling. Working and playing beside others who are totally committed to the betterment of our church and service to others is the finest and most rewarding experience of my life.


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