Hello! I am Debra Amandola the new UCOP Board president.Deb Amandola - UCOP Board President 2021

I am extremely excited to work with the Board, the staff, and the congregation!

My skills include 30 years in corporate leadership development, strong entrepreneurial roots, and a love for UCOP.

The focus for the Board this year will be:

  • Identifying a permanent home (changing what we are doing to make this happen)
  • Unity in the congregation
  • Marketing
  • Expanding what we are doing now that we may be on the tail end of the pandemic.

This is a new world, post pandemic. We have an opportunity to determine our place in this new world.  

I want to extend gratitude to the Board of the last two years.

Pam has been an extraordinary president and led us through the pandemic, virtual services, a new senior minister, and kept the Board focused to create an active and vibrant community. Tom steps off the Board after a 6-year commitment. It will be a committee that will replace him.

Thank you to both of you!

Community ReBuilding Event July 17, 2021

Our first opportunity to build community will be on July 17. I invite you and encourage you to participate in this interactive day to build on the genogram we started in 2019. Let’s begin the reconciliation process we did not do then.

We will begin at 9:30 with a review of the genogram results from 2019 and build on them,  and work on personal reconciliation. We will share lunch with one another in the afternoon.

This is your opportunity to voice your ideas and things you would like to see at UCOP. Be there to share your VOICE.

You must be registered to participate.  This will help us have a lunch ready for you and have a room at the PlexPod that is right sized for the group.

I look forward to seeing you there to do this important community building work for UCOP.

Thank you!

Debra Amandola
Board President

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