During a recent Green Team event, a visioning survey was offered (see below) asking constituents how they envision the work of the UCOP Green Team. We’d love to offer you the chance to give your feedback. Complete the survey below.

UCOP Green Team Visioning Survey 2021 Visioning Kansas CityGreen Team Vision:

To promote stewardship of the environment and an awareness of our oneness with the earth.

Green Team Leaders:

Mike McCord and Christine Caseres

Green Team Activities:

A variety of activities throughout the year including an annual Clean Stream Event for Earth Day.

2021 Green Team Visioning Survey

Survey Instructions: • Please provide at least two responses for each prompt. • Try to distill your answers into the single core concept rather than lengthy sentences.
Example Questions to consider: • What does it excel at? • What do you see as its greatest accomplishments? • What strengths are most valuable to Unity Church of Overland Park?
Example questions to consider: • What do you see as the biggest environmental issue(s) facing the world today? • What threats do you see that we could reframe as opportunities? • What needs and wants is the Team currently not fulfilling? • What changes and trends in our country exist that align with our strengths?
Example questions to consider: • Do you agree that the Team should become more active in supporting broader issues such as climate change and environmental social justice? • Should we collaborate with other organizations including Unity Churches in the Kansas City area? • What do we want to achieve in the future? • What environmental issue are you most passionate about and would like the Team to address?
5. Would you like to join the Green Team to help realize its vision and mission?(Required)
If you answered YES or are interested in future volunteering, please provide your info.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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