Every year, we say Advent is a time of spiritual preparation for Christmas. But what needs to be prepared? If not the presents we’ll give or the food we’ll make to celebrate, what needs to be tended in the weeks before the holy day?

It is our own sense of being. Advent, which means “beginning,” allows us time and space to nurture a fragile, new understanding of who we truly are, as tenderly as we would care for a new baby.

The story of Mary and Joseph and the divine child born in a manger has resonated with us for 2,000 years because we feel ourselves to be part of it. Christmas represents the divine child born in each of us and the divine attributes we can develop as we learn to express our God nature in human form.

The four Sundays of Advent proclaim aspects of that divine nature – hope and faith, peace, love and joy. We hope you will join us each Sunday of the Advent season as we embrace the Christ presence within each other and ourselves. And plan to join us for a very special Christmas Eve service.




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