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Pronouns are a linguistic tool that we use every day!

Pronouns are how you refer to someone if you are not using their name, like “She loves UCOP!” or “They are one of the best people I know!”

Pronouns are connected to someone’s identity and their gender expression.

We often make assumptions about people’s pronouns, but that can sometimes be incorrect or even harmful. We have an opportunity to be more conscious about asking, learning, and using people’s pronouns to make sure they are true for them!

Why Pronoun Stickers Matter

At UCOP, we now have pronoun stickers available to put on our name tags for Sundays and other events.

As allies, this is a simple way to show up for the LGBTQ+ community. But more importantly, it allows all of us to address each other as the truest expression of who we are!

We encourage you to add a pronoun sticker to your name tag! They are available at the front table.

Want to know more about why pronoun stickers matter at church?

For further reading, here are some more resources about the power and importance of pronouns for everyone!

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