Come Ye Apart for Awhile - A Meditation

Transcript of the Meditation

(from May Rowland Come Ye Apart for Awhile)

Our goal is to live in the consciousness of the presence of God, which is our inner nature- our master teacher Jesus directed us to come apart for awhile, to be in total focus and awareness of our own divine nature and so we make this our practice now, guided by the inner Wisdom of our hearts:

Be still and know that I am

Top of the head: I am the light of the world

Forehead: Not my will, but thine be done

Third Eye: I perceive clearly, distinctly and in divine perfection

Throat: All power is given onto me in mind and in body

Back of the neck: I am free with the freedom of Spirit

Shoulders: My yoke is easy and my burden is light

Small of the back: I am strong in the Divine and in spiritual strength

Lungs, which are the guardians of the heart: There is nothing to fear. I breathe the breath of life

Heart: The forgiving love of the Divine sets me free

Bloodstream: God’s cleansing, healing, purifying love flows freely

Functions: Divine order is established in my mind, body, and affairs

Lower body: The life of God is eternal

Whole body: I am the ever renewing ever unfolding expression of the One

May Rowland Come Ye Apart for Awhile meditationWho is May Rowland?

May Rowland succeeded Myrtle Fillmore as Director of Silent Unity in 1916 and kept that position for 55 years until her retirement in 1971. Fifty-five years.

It may be that she is the most revered person in Unity, next to the Fillmores themselves.

What she learned and taught about spiritual healing is given in her talk Come Ye Apart Awhile. It is a two-step prayer process that begins with complete relaxation of the body, followed by affirmations to realize the Christ spirit within.

Learn more about May Rowland and listen to her teachings at

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